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Slender: The Eight Pages Beta 0 download Activation


Slender: The Eight Pages Beta 0

This game first thin horror, where the only goal is to find eight manuscripts of man slender paranormal creatures. This is for a previous game called Slender Man, based on a similar theme, but it was not so terrible, and successful.

How to play the Delgado

The basic premise of the game is more direct contact with Pike, the faster you go jougedagte.
Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus 9 You should also be careful not to look wrogaI also remember that the flashlight battery is limited, so you have to shut Lopar save her. In addition, themore sprint, the lower its maximum force, so just run when you need it.

It’s scary?

Delgado does very well in creating an atmosphere for a scary spel.Dit very basic feel, your flashlight and good świerszczych when walking through the woods in search of manuscripts. JednakżeOgólny purpose for obtaining 8 pages of the manuscript are very limited, so the game is somewhat limited.

Controls for the game are simple: Mouse — reloxoSiew, A, S, D — Change RuchLewy — left SprintKliknijmouse — download stronyKliknij right mouse — latarkęPytania and answers — zoom in / out technical problems

Remember, you have to WinZip or WinRAR to extract the game.

Because pierwotnieZwolniono was thin, has a lot of cups of varying quality. We tested them on the Softonic site, to see which one is the most terrible, do not forget to look at how they got:


Slim is a great horror game, quepaga worth, have heard of slim mitwiehand.


captions added to the game ( «Eight pages») to distinguish it from future versions.

Improved main menu and added music to it. It also includes links to information about the thin man and a series of YouTube.

Adding multiple light sources (unlocked after beating the game time). PuTTY Beta 0 Download Free

added ring (not shown specifically, except for the illuminated areas).

His running speed gradually increases to raise seguintepáxinas.

Remove the cooldown on the revivalpower after biegnięciu / Sprint and reducing the rate of resistance drain. when

You will start the race / sprint, but immediately deduct 5% of its strength. This will allow you to take a career or

Sprint for a long time, but repeated scripts jog / sprint button is strength

To drain quickly (effectively get rid of the old mine).

The maximum distance that you can see the decline as a collection of pages that follow; They like a challenge

virmense mająMgła it out. forTint same distance ratio can not disabled.

menu added to automatically skip the introduction. Messenger Facebook Messenger 64

Added pause function, but can only come if there is static (that prevent breaking the game

In response to the weak man).

Fixed a foutwanneer torch will highlight the page on the other side of the wall.

Remove one of the hidden modes (toByła only a matter of time, because it contains materialcopyright).

AOL Media Player Beta 0


BS Player Free 2 32bit-64bit download


BS Player Free 2

It’s a video perfect for those times when you prefer to watch movies and TV shows on a computer, rather than on the couch.

All sizes and features that may be

It’s a great multimedia xogador, which has everything you need to watch movies or any other video on your computer. Supports all popular video formats (and sound, case you wonder), and although its basic interface is not really the most enjoyable of all, I’ve seen, with podelegkoNastroytevelle. Also, if you have any video codecsOr lost audio, they downloaded immediately during the installation process.

Subtitle support for video, take screenshots of movie currently playing, permitecrear tags and chapters to facilitate video motion and support plugins, make it very similar to UMPlayer applications.

Reliability and ease of use

I especially want the way you manage poidaPLAY liboIspolzuya shortcuts or just your mouse: click to stop the video, double click to switch to full screen, theMouse wheel to enlarge or reduce. It is very good.

These are reliable and complete texts. The only disadvantage, if any, is the fact that the program has a documentation, except the FAQ section that you need to open the browser. Not that you can not use without the help, but it’s always dribbling some documentation, you can rely on if you get stuck.


Come enjoy your favorite movies on your computer with a wide range of features: captions, images, labelsAnd more.

Soportesseguintes formats

AVI, MPEG 1, MPEG-2, DivX, DivX, 3ivx, OGG, MG, Matroska, ASF, WMV, WAV, MP2, MP3, JPEG, GIF, BMP


TypingMaster 10.00 x86 download


TypingMaster 10.00

Bring your ideas to the head on the screen can be a challenge, especially if you’re like most people, you never learned to type. TypingMaster get rid of this confusion, to help improve your speed and printing accuracy. This program has a clock with writing analyticalResearch chips that you can use to evaluate the text input in other programs. Personalized remarks and offers training in some areas where improvement is needed.


erdriechasttsy this program, each of which has its advantages. you maytry to create your typing skills with lessons and practice; There are almost ten hours per batch. In the end, you have the basics of sensory input and the best way to improve your speed and accuracy to master. If you want to practice their skills in an informal setting,Please write games that appeal to you, you can enter quickly and accurately, to succeed, to play.

features brand new widget for TypingMaster10 analyzed operate in parallel with other programs and keep track of how you write. This seems to show a bit of dementia,if its odometer.

So how does it work?

Visual learning is familiar, anyone who has used a previous version of TypingMaster or equivalent training in writing. These exercises teach the correct position of the fingers and methods schrijven.End subject, itabidikupokea audit areas wellmade, and those who must decide palepshylisya.Vy can also write tests to evaluate your progress. The visual style of training is very important here; Color-coded representation allows visualization of where your hands printed for maximum speed and accuracy.

Typing gamesIt is a fun way to practice your skills, even if you are not particularly interested in termenvan terrible games or in terms of graphics. chachekuendeleza love interest for more than a few minutes, but that’s not what yanydlya; they are just a way to learn touch typing of a kindexperience.

Analysis widget is the most interesting part of the package. Thus, you can see how well you type in the real world. There should check the typing speed by recognizing not only words, but also often a typo made special keys and titleyour problems. Gaga screen may compulsively, lakinikupata used to feel fast and you can always cut it kalikab be even greater.

Improve the power of the word

If you never really learn how to touch-type well or if your skills are a bit rusty, TypingMaster is a greatway to improve your ability. lessons are clear and easy to understand, because they are different games, and entertainment, and the analysis of the widget contains important information. If you are already an experienced typist, you can win a lot, but this product really is not directed at you.


Magic Photo Editor 7 Download Incl.Key


Magic Photo Editor 7

Magic Photo Editor is easy to use photo editing software

Now suppose you have a digital photo and a beautiful landscape picture, and you want to add a digital photographic image of the landscape. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 duzuelkarrekin to gently mix and mingle with the picture should be natural and attractive.You can look at the photo-editing software is quick and easy.

You can easily blend your digital photo to another sortzekoEfektu unique zMagic Photo Editor. You can also easily add many pretty pictures, flowers cartoon images in the picture. This interesting and attractive picturedoes.

You size and position of the photos, flowers, cartoon pictures dezakezuedo easily change the text just by clicking and dragging.

This photo editor for a girl or woman. I think it makes a nice gift. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium 2017
Ableton Live 9 FastDL Download Incl.Key


1) There is no opportunity for you 180masky, which changes yourimage in various forms, it fit the image of the background

2) Add 100 graphics to your photos to make it more beautiful photos

3) Add 180 cartoon pictures of your photograph, you make it more interesting picture.

4) Add 60 of your photos,which enhances the glow of the picture even more.

5) Add text comments to photos.

6) Add kadryna beautiful pictures. There are 100 frames included.



Yahoo Mail 1 free download


Yahoo Mail 1

Yahoo Mail is probably one of the most popular e-mail servers in the world today.
Online Live 6
With a history dating back to the earliest days of the Internet, the system is reliable and will give you many options. Now there is a special application available to all users of mobile phones.

feature sand usability

Yahoo Mail is known for its easy to use layout. Icons such as junk, bulk email, recent reports enspam is already the left side of the page clear. Thus, there is no problemwith regard to navigation. http://www.malealum.org/2017/01/maxthon-mx5-cloud-free-download/
Also need natingmentioning that this service is free to use, a great help if you are willing to pay a higher price for the subscription.
Aviary Photo Editor 1
Icon dynamic Live Tile «is placed in the Start menu so that every email can be accessed at the click of a button. Itoserbisyo is very secure and resistant to hacking.

additional benefits

Yahoo Mail maaktU are now yours to customize your email kutiyas different themes, colors and styles. Aimproved interface is associated with higher rates of uploadkritikal concern when dealing with large files such as high resolution photos and videos. The download will be no more than a few minutes for most phones.

Free MP3 Cutter .


Avira Antivirus Pro v15 download free


Avira Antivirus Pro v15

Films in public social networking sites, then you need a lot of protection. Do not believe the reason for the zoo, it is less important that the images files? Get Avira Internet Security 2014, a break. Avira Antivirus Pro 15
Hands on your computer the best elit. Avira Internet Security 2014, at the same time, and anti-virus software Avira Antivirus Premium Avira Firewall recently proved. Internet security is not a valid clinical minascum in an intuitive user interface to operate in the middle of Mass.

Avira InternetSecurity 2015 also basic and advanced Antivirusperlindungan, email protection, AntiPhishing, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Adware. Plus Anti-Spam, Firewall, WebGuard (Safe Surfing), Game Mode and more! appropriate security for workstations!

Download Avira Internet Security 2015

A stream or download movies and TV

Play computer games, online, especially with our allies,

Connecting to a Wi-Fi network

aditumcollocandum bank account, your web

But to Shopping Storeand ordered the online auction site,

Making phone, or social network Instant Messaging

Kongsikomputer or intimate partner

It stores the images necessary, video and music on PC

I want to keep you safe online Ren


Real-time protection: Nonstop Vivamus malesuada enim viruses, worms and Trojan

Antiades / Spyware: Closed from adware that Onlinemolestus

Up Cloud and ultrafast scan directly onlineidentifikasi new malware

drivesNetwork: Malware scanning for shared folders

So Rootkit: Antivirus Malware traps can not find what is right

Proactive: follow generally reject their threat behavior

Before Technology: Coming unfamiliar code for suspicious signs,

AntiBot: Blocks hackers on your computer trying to

TergumRatio: in protecting your information about the accident, or theft, hardware elite

Internet Protection

Pasco Mauris Blocker: Businessrecording Web Stopspelacak

Advisory Website: the safety of all search results for places

Up Urban Web intercepted malicious websites before school

Urban Antiphishing: Email Proactively protects you in fraud

Up Mail: This e-mail infected by the controller in the competitionvos

Firewall protection to try to prevent a form of seal (for Wi-Fi)

Antispam mixture of plants troublesome, offensive junk e-mail

AntiDrive through: software that you do not blockcan surf diinginkandownload

This feature is part of Avira SearchFree Toolbar (included).


Social Networking: Facebook and social media for the attention of my parents Continue

Safe Search Advanced Parental Controls to block sites that are sick, and the online mode temporismulta


KeselamatanAndroid: Missing phone recovery, privacy protection, unwanted calls / SMS blocking and more


A click on the quick removal of the virus hasdestroyed.

UmumPerbaikan all traces of the infection. http://www.malealum.org/2017/01/color-efex-pro-4-download-free/

Jumpstarts emergency rescue system on your PC.

well outside

Live Support: Avira is unlimited, his skilled craftsmen to access to health

game modes: Suspend Notificationopus to games and movies

Netbook Support: Fast performance in a compact machine

Express News: Skipping QA mainstream to launch quickly, andaperlindungan

operating system, Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows (32-bit or 64-bit). Baidu Antivirus 5


andthere is no end

— Will remain a product that no longer updates after it was no longer justified. It’s next to get (the signature product) with the opportunity to meet ueraquelicentiam consumer protection and repair. All other services remain disabled.


After installation, by default the information is in silent mode

After installation, start-on-demand system scanner Turn on by default

dontSelamat come to slideUp after installationand shows

If you through the installation Webloader users to integrate, if it does not intend to stay, after all. Although hidden in downloaded files the user then decides permaneatinstallation. Virtual CloneDrive 5

If the installation and setup (webloader and full package) is omitted, the user is to the latter, if he wants to stay.

If the installation and reboot the offense caused by the removal of incompatible software required for installationso it will immediately resume after reboot


mengintegrasikanAvira LocalDecider URL in the Cloud Advanced real-time protection and Quick Scan System. And hedge file downloaded from the Internet, if a URL Avira nubesut suspect.

repair the damage

Care for some WebProtection stability and Mail

Latest WebProtection delivery

The latest in real-time protection,

Avast Premier Antivirus 2016 ..


Camera360 v7 4 Download


Camera360 v7 4

With more than 100 million users worldwide, Camera360 has become the most popular mobile camera app worldwide. Plus HelloCamera, Movie360 and Pink360, Camera360 provides a comprehensive range of professional mobile photographers option hwyl.Mae’r free camera app best first choice for nearly 400 million users worldwide!

Application Camera360 kind of photography in 75 countries, including the United States, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Russia, Korea,Singapore, Malaysia, India and China. Only the most powerful and complete solution and the image of the app in the world. Camera360 over 200 filters EXCLUSIVE online photo editing tools are very professional as tilt shift, overlays, and other structures

Top features:

— 10 + free camera mode (selfie camera, camera effects, posters cameras, funny, changing tilt camera, audio camera, video, etc.)

-There Are more than 200 free filters

-Listen free album

— Move to a close finish, with no cost sharing photos

-Facial Recognition facial skin smooth and missing features

-offer professional image editing

— Easy sharing to Facebook quickly, Twitter, Instagram

— All free of charge, zero advertising!

New features:

— Page Intro Brand-New

— Now supports realtime display Non Display filter after shooting

-ffit performance


CloneDVD 7 Ultimate 32 Bit download free PreActivated


CloneDVD 7 Ultimate

CloneDVD 7 Ultimate multilingual

CloneDVD is designed to provide the last date of demand DVD edition to meet users: clone DVD to DVD-drive for safe keeping; Rip DVD to other video formats for playback on other portable devices; DVD create masterpieces collected videos/ Film, different video formats to avoid the dilemma release compatibility; slide show, add music and settings transition roznyyaefekty. FireAlpaca 1 0

DVD copy, collect movies, enjoy movie Sweet Light

DVD Copy isuitstekend, all round a copy of softverot.DVD copy of victory (Win 8available), which lets you easily copy DVD-drives home. DVD copy of the best in the world’s most popular software for copying DVD movies supports any copying DVD movies, automatically removing all existing DVD features security; it allows nakopijathe whole movie DVD disc to a blank DVD disc, ISO or other video formats to build the content of the DVD with four modes full, main movie, select Split disk available; Support compress: D5 to D5, D9 to D9, D9 to D5perfectly, splitting D9 2 D5 high-quality video and audio. In short, DVDKopijaIt allows you to stay / collected only your favorite films.

DVD Ripper to rip DVD disc into the appropriate format for audio /

If you want to watch DVD movies freely on other devices, media player, you need is our DVD Ripper is the best DVD Ripper, which can rip DVD toalmostAll popular video / audio formats like MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP3, MP4, M4A, WMA, WAV, etc. compatible metHTC, Samsung, iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc., in addition, DVD Ripper provides complete control over frame rate setting, output resolution, video and audio bit rate, audio sample rate and many povekje.Poddrshkabatch conversion and the fastest speed Copy, DVD Ripper will save much time for you.

DVD Creator-whateversna your computer, now enjoy it on DVD

Creating DVDs masterpiece with excellent video / music / photo is very interesting experience. DVD Creator was born sitestandardni and video highdefinition can filesDVD high quality video; If you want to burn a collection of movies on DVD with your computer, whatever you want to watch, DVD Creator does it all. Drag your favorite movie on DVD Creator, adjust the quality and click on the original soil.doDVD Creator can also your DVD byasplatnashablony DVD menus with videos and music-background personalized DVD menu to meet your favorite pictures and songs.

Video Converter enable you to get rid of video compatibility problems

People suffering from video compatibility sparedno effort to find seopfatnoodluka; Here it Video Converter, video (including HD video) can be converted into various formats for easy playback of different players. Convert between all popular standards ividea high definition, including (SD) AVI, MP4, MPG, WMV, and (HD) MP4,WMV, MOV, etc. available.
ua/2017/01/13/little-fighter-2-x86-x64-download-cracked/»>Little Fighter 2

Also, users can browse the web in a single click, allowing you to enjoy each video anytime and anywhere to download, though, it is a powerful application will behouden100% of the original video quality after conversion.
Format Factory 3 32/64 Bit Download Free

creatingSlideshow craft ubavaZhivotnata story that happy memories

Images are made when you are on vacation and traveling with your family or party, but keeping those happy memories can paskorytsnya recognized as an easy task, do not worry, try our prijatelkliknete SlideshowMaker breathes new life into images; slide show can be customized by adding text / loans / music to tell interesting stories, in addition, it supports all popular mobile display devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, Xbox, PSP, BlackBerry and mobile devices, several effects transitionavailable, select from 12 types of transition effects, and drag the transition between images for an elegant effect.

What’s New

News: the official website does not provide information about changes in this version





SuperCopier 4 1 Download Free


SuperCopier 4 1

Windows is certainly stands out for its speed when copying or moving files. That is why using a program like SuperCopier like a great idea! SuperCopier manages transfers of large amounts of files or large file sizes so that more reliableand efficient than the standard Windows Explorer. You can run the program from its icon in the system or simply copy and paste files and folders in the usual way: SuperCopier is embedded in Windows Explorer and will take care of kazi.mpangoUSI only makes copying and transferring filesfaster, but also adds nekoinovi useful features: you can now pause and resume at any stage, checking the speed of data transfer speed, check percentage of the project, create a list of files to be copied or moved, and even change the listat the time, procesotvekje it happens. Best of all, SuperCopier does not replace standard copy / paste feature for Windows, so you can try it without fear and only cancel if you are not a complete list of successful yo.SuperCopierpamoja and environment that lets you konfigurirateodnesuvanjetothe software, and set up some items in the interface of the program, which, frankly, did not win any awards design.SuperCopier allows you to copy and paste files and folders on Windows, amounting to a faster, more reliable and more efficient.


FIFA 17 FIFA download



FIFA 17 (or FIFA 2017) will be released in September, promised to change major versions of its past: We say goodbye to Ignite Engine image (I did not last long), and dices welcome warm to technologyThe Frostbite.

frostbite: never forget the name duzuZer Star Wars Battlefront, Tom and Battlefield 4 all together? Well, all three boast incredible images of the game from the DICE Frostbite technology. This shows that all of the games in the future FIFAduteAmazing photosFIFA 17 can be used as many first franchise Frostbite September dira.Frostbite EA Sports FIFA and its fans to open a new world of possibilities, EA said. We have never been so excited as we now expect to play football andFIFA 17 is the wide experience that updates will follow suit, setting showmanship more cost realism arabera.FIFA 17 also, in addition to the series is a classic left behind, officials gisaJokoan, Messi, the surface will be replaced not one,But four familiar faces: James Rodriguez from Real Madrid, Manchester United, Anthony Martial, Chelsea Eden Hazard and Marcus Reus from Borussia Dortmund. EA characters all get special treatment, so their movements, gestures and faces appear in the game as realistic as possible.Do you have a favorite you will love it if you want to build a team of your dreams, do not worry: FIFA Ultimate Team is back with new features and of course, hundreds and hundreds of waitingbahashavirtual for them to open.

Football is aldatuFIFA 17 September, according to EA Vancouver, 29 September will be released for PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. As always, itll be PES 2017, which is almost the same time competing with the release.